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I have been such a slacker lately that I have to do 2 race reports at the same time for my last 2 races – the Toronto Sporting Life 10K and the MEC Burlington Race 2 half marathon.  These 2 races were just 6 days apart with the 10K being first.  Maybe not one of my smarter ideas.

Bib #4799

Chip time – 53:20:3

Pace – 5:21

Category place – 234/1,495

Gender place – 1,863/12,734

Overall place – 5523/21,750

So this race was great.  A lot of fun.  For me it started the day before when I met up with a group of running friends all doing this race.  We went to Joe Badali’s in Toronto (a first for me) and it was absolutely delicious.  We kept it somewhat early as we had to get up for the race the next day.

I got up, ate my usual english muffin with peanut butter and banana and had a coffee.  I got dressed and everyone else was up and getting ready.  Hubby was going to drop me at the start line (where I would try to meet up with some friends) and then drive and meet me at the finish.  I saw my friend but she was still waiting for someone else so I headed in to my corral (yellow corral). The race started and we were off.  Downhill to start as we ran down Yonge St.  0-5km was pretty good.  I did take off a bit quick but got comfortable.  Approaching 6km I started to feel it though and thought maybe I started out too quick.  The last 4km was a bit of a mental game at times. By 9km I started to walk.  Then some random guy came up behind me and said “come on we are almost done” so  I picked it up and started running again.  At that time my friend (that I had met up with at the beginning) ran passed me so I thought I had to get going and keep her in site.  Just as I was approaching the finish line I looked over and saw my husband and 2 boys cheering for me and that gave me the extra boost that is always so welcome at the end.

Splits  1-4:47  2-5:05  3-5:03  4-4:59  5-5:20  6-5:11  7-5:39  8-5:42  9-5:23  10-5:25

A slight complaint about this race though is that when we finished we had to walk for what seemed like forever to get to where they were handing out the medals and water.  It would have been nice to have water closer to the finish because I really needed it.  A mistake I made – I did not bring my own water.  I always bring my own water but for some reason I decided to rely on the water stations (which I walked each water station at this race).  I didn’t want to wear my belt and the hand held I have is too big.  Note to self, buy a smaller hand held for 5-10km races.  The post race festivities were great, a lot of fun.  There were bongo players and they were fantastic.  The crowd all sat in chairs and played bongos along with the band.  My kids loved it.  I would totally do this race again.  Registration was $40 and with that we got a $35 gift card to Sporting Life store and a really nice Nike tech top.

After that we went with the kids to Kensington market and then out for brunch.  We walked around China Town for a bit before heading back home.  This race took place on Mother’s Day and it was a fantastic Mother’s Day.  On top of the great day I had, my husband and kids gave me 2 new Lululemon pace setter skirts and 2 headbands.  Love them.  Like I said, a great day!

I bought all my race photos and rights to them from

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