MEC Race 4 – Race Report

I was waiting for the photos to be up from the photographer to do a write up about this race but after 10 days I think it is taking too long.  So my iPhone photos will have to do. :)

This was MEC‘s 4th race in their very affordable race series.  Each store has their own set of races and this one was held by the Burlington store.  The race itself was held on Saturday September 7, 2013 at Hamilton’s Bayfront Park. I grew up in Hamilton and have used the paths along Bayfront Park a lot and am very familiar with the area.  My husband and I were signed up for the 10K race.  This was his first 10K race and my second.  I was looking to redeem myself from a horrible first 10K race (it was a very hot day and a very hilly course and I had a hard time with it and came in at 1:09).  They also had a 5K race and a 15K that day.  The cost of this race was a measly $15.  Very cheap as far as races go.  For $15 we got our bib, a nice MEC drawstring backpack with a magazine and some Cliff bar samples.  We also got a chip timed race and free access to the high resolution photos the photographer took.  The top 3 male and female finishers in each distance received medals.


MEC IMG_0999








Self portrait before the race

Self portrait before the race


The forecast for the day was cool and cloudy with a chance of rain.  We welcomed the cool temperatures, it makes for great running conditions.  It was a small race too, the smallest race I have done which was also very nice.  We did our warm ups and then made our way to the start line.  We were easily able to line up in the front row.mec2 mec1







The photographer took some photos and then we were off. mec3


My goal for this race was to come in under an hour.  I was confident that I could do this and set my goal to 58 minutes.  Right from the start I took off too fast (which I often do) I looked at my watch and saw 4:30 pace and had to slow myself down. I knew I had to maintain a 5:48 pace or below to reach my goal but if I went too fast I would burn out.  My first 10K I took a lot of walk breaks (hills and heat = tough).  This race I didn’t take any walk breaks just kept my pace steady as I went.  At this point my husband was long ahead of me which is fine, he is a quicker runner.  I had my music on, my water and I was cruising.  At the halfway point it started to rain.  Not to heavy but enough to get a bit wet.  The rain didn’t last too long.  Around the 7K mark I started to pick up the pace a bit.  I reached the turn around point and knew there was only 2K left to go.  After reaching the !K remaining point I knew I was going to actually beat my goal. 

It is funny when you listen to runners talk about distance.  Oh I only ran 10K or oh I just went for a short 5K.  It is funny because those distances are far!!  In fact 1KM is FAR and nothing makes you realize that more than the last km of a race.  As I am running the last km I was expecting to see the finish line after every bend.  I kept saying to myself 5 more minutes (because now I am getting tired) but after every bend no finish line.  Finally there it is and I give my all to get in and cross that finish line with a smile.  56:22!!!  I surpassed my goal and set a new personal best. I couldn’t be more happy.

Just after finishing the race.

Just after finishing the race.

I was so please with this race and how I was able to keep to my plan for running it.  I wish I could see the rest of the pictures the photographer took but he has not posted them yet. I don’t actually have any pictures of me crossing the finish line at this point but I tried to smile for the camera.  My husband did extremely well with his finish with a time of 47:48.  Bananas and water at the finish followed by the medals being awarded.

After the race the shoes come off.

After the race the shoes come off.

Watching the medals being handed out.

Watching the medals being handed out.










This was a great race.  I loved how small it was. I especially loved how affordable it is.  The great thing too is that all distances are the same price.  Usually the prices of races go up as the distance goes up but these are the same be it 5K, 10K or a half marathon.  I would highly recommend this series to anyone. In fact aside from a few bigger races I think the majority of my races next year will be through MEC.

Bib # 0224

Chip time56:22.2


Gender place7/19

Overall place28/44

All photos provided in this blog post with a watermark are mine.  All other photos were taken by Sunny Kaura Photography and were provided to us by him and MEC for free.

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